[CQ-Contest] Ric P and the WARC band question

ROBERT WANDERER aa0cy at robertwanderer.gardnerville.nv.us
Tue Apr 1 20:36:35 EST 1997

Well, golly gee, OT, that's what them contest-free segments the
ARRL be pushing is for (sorry, just practicing my Ebonics so I can
get Federal $$). I gess you'll just have to sell your story to the
National Enquirer and buy a linear and a 10 el beam so you can
sit on 14195 with the others and bemoan the QRM instead of going
up to the "safe" area above 14300.

What good if there are contest free segments? The only folks knowing
this are the contesters because the info isn't disseminated to the ragchewers
and pig farmers!

However, I think we should have ragchew-free frequencies on the WARC bands
in compensation for the contest-free frequencies on the "original" bands.

73, Bob AA0CY

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Subject:  [CQ-Contest] Ric P and the WARC band question

Mr. Painter,

I fail to find humor in your WARC band Contest joke, and find it the same
kind of childish self centered tripe that you contesters seem to thrive on.

If you think taking the few bands we have left that are free from your
weekend sessions and making them more of the same overpopulated bands I think
you had better re-examine your priorities.  When you guys are doing your
contests it is only the stations with the larger signals that can hold on to
a frequency!

Whenever these contests are on I cannot find a frequency that I can share
knowledge of my ingrown toenails and bladder control problems on.  Being a
Floridian ham you would think I could chew the fat with my buddies about our
mutual ailments but no - you guys seize control of the bands with your big Q5
signals, and make communicating with other poorly equipped stations like my
own impossible.

This sir, is no joking matter.  The WARC bands provide a safe haven for those
of us with poorly equipped poorly designed stations...we can NOT easily
communicate on 20 or 40 or 75 when so many hams feel the need to be on the
air at once.  Is this truly in the spirit of ham radio...I mean it is not
like our stations are worthless.

I gotta go, in more ways than one...


K4OJ, senor citizen in Florida

(if you choose to reply to my message, please speak up sonny)

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