[CQ-Contest] WPX QSO Points

Jan-Erik Holm JEH at on.mobile.telia.se
Mon Apr 7 10:31:33 EDT 1997

>The CQ World Wide WPX Contest is billed as an international
>operating event, inviting worldwide participation. How does a
>change of "in-country" QSO point assignment contribute to the
>world flavor of competitiveness or success to this contest ?
>Why the need/incentive for a "in-country" QSO points ?
>Will this re-align the playing field to be more even of all participates
>The folks who advocate 1-point counter for in-country QSO's seem
>to have a very narrow focus and understanding of the overall
>competitive\scoring matrix of the WPX event.
>This instant gratification of one point in-country  QSO does not
>contribute to the global competiveness to WPX.
>73 de Gord VE6SV
>P.S. This sure beats a vanity callsign discussion ... internationally

This was so well writen so here it is again.  Beats me why I can´t
come up with something this good.

73 de Jim SM2EKM

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