[CQ-Contest] WPX Contest scoring rules

ramirezk at emi.com ramirezk at emi.com
Mon Apr 7 09:20:10 EDT 1997

   I have often thought about the point system in the WPX 
contest. I agree with those who believe that there should be NO 
zero pointers for any contest qsos made in the WPX contest. It's 
all a matter of how much a contact with your own country should 
be worth. I believe a contact with your own country in the WPX 
contest should be worth .25 or .5 points. This would at least 
reward all the time spent by the participants from the larger 
ham populated countries who are called for their prefix 
multiplier. A smaller point value would also be a dis-incentive 
to run your own country at the expense of the higher point value 
DX contacts. How would this affect the overall contest results? 
It would increase the scores of the USA,JA,?, Multi-Multi 
stations who would now have more of an incentive to keep cqing 
on 40 and 75 in the daytime but wouldn't put any burden on 
single ops and single transmitter multis who should be looking 
for the highest point-per-qso band openings anyway. And we would 
no longer have everyone complaining about the percentage of zero 
pointers worked in the WPX contest!(Or would they then start 
complaining about the percentage of quarter or half pointers 
they worked???) Would a USA M/M or high scoring single op care 
to play with his score from last weeks WPX contest and count all 
their USA contacts as .25 points for 10,15,20 and .5 points for 
40,80,and 160 and see how much of a score difference it made?
I'd be interested in knowing. Would it make THAT much difference 
in the overall results?
           Anytime a qso is made in the WPX contest the score on 
your computer monitor should increase even if only by a 
 73 Ken N4UK 
Cabo Rojo Contest Club-WP3X

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