[CQ-Contest] Zero points...

Douglas Zwiebel KR2Q at worldnet.att.net
Mon Apr 7 17:07:44 EDT 1997

Being a KR2 is a double-edged sword in the WPX.  Yes, a KR2 is
more attractive to those NN6 and KK5 boys/gals, but it is also
more attractive to HUNDREDS of N6 and K5 types also.  I NEVER
refuse to answer a caller that I can hear...no matter WHERE
s/he is located, nor what the callsign.  I don't understand how,
in one breath, it is stated that (paraphrasing) THE CONTEST
SUCKS because we get zero points for working USA (in our case),
and then state that having a KR2 prefix (and being constantly
called by those same zero pointers) is an advantage.  I bet that
the "USA QSO:USA Mult" ratio for a K2 might be 2:1 while it's more
like 10:1 for guys with a "special" prefix.  That means that we
are spending LOTS more time working USA (for no points) than is
the K2.  It also means that the K2 will have a "better" run to
Europe or JA because he is not being constantly 'interrupted'
by LOUD USA callers.  In any given time frame of runs, the K2
will have more 3 pointers in his logs than the KR2.

Yes, I know it must anger some read that there can actually be
"complaining" about 'who has the better run to Europe,' but there
are always at least 2 (and in this case, many) perspectives.


If a KR2 could work USA for 1 point, that WOULD benefit the KR2
too...not just the black hole guys who are bored/frustrated.
Making USA 1 point would give a KR2 a HUGE advantage over the K2.
That would make it "even more" unfair, for obvious reasons (see 
the above statements on how many USA callers a KR2 gets!).  Can
you imagine there ever being a winner other than KQ2M if he could
COUNT USA qso's for points too?   Giving points to same country
qso's would REALLY further unbalance the (perceived?) equities
between "common" prefix and "rare" prefix types in the same
country.  Hmmmm...is it too late to vote for 1 point, same
country qso's?  ;-)

de Doug  KR2Q at worldnet.att.net

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