[CQ-Contest] Zero points...

Bill Fisher - W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Mon Apr 7 15:34:01 EDT 1997

> If a KR2 could work USA for 1 point, that WOULD benefit the KR2
> too...not just the black hole guys who are bored/frustrated.
> Making USA 1 point would give a KR2 a HUGE advantage over the K2.
> That would make it "even more" unfair, for obvious reasons (see 
> the above statements on how many USA callers a KR2 gets!).  Can
> you imagine there ever being a winner other than KQ2M if he could
> COUNT USA qso's for points too?   Giving points to same country

Your argument (#1) assumes that people want to change the rules to get a 
better shot at winning.  That is not the case.  I just want SOMETHING for 
working a K2.  I dont care if you and Bob beat me by an extra 500K.  
Congrats when you do.  

(#2)  Your argument assumes that you as a KR2 will work more USA guys 
than a K2 in the same contest with points given out for USA QSO's.  I 
personally dont think that is true.  I think you'll both work the same 
guys given that you and the K2 are the same in all other regards.  


Bill, W4AN

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