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Mon Apr 7 21:12:38 EDT 1997

I thought that personal stuff should be kept off the reflector, but since I
was publically chalenged here I go back with hope of clearing some fog, if
there is any:

In a message dated 97-04-07 03:05:58 EDT, N2AA writes:

<<  Wow, a new contest!  The Radiosport Incomplete QSO Contest.
 Really neat rules:
 Sent reports count 1 point.  No mention of
 whether another station must be on the frequency
 or not.  You get another 2 points if someone else is 
 actually there, receives the report, and sends one back.
 Or, you get 2 points if you just receive a report and 
 don't send one back.  Sort of like sending someone money 
 and getting nothing in return!

This system was in use for decades in Eastern Eu contests and it is meant to
"protect" a QSO from being removed (like precious mult.) or to be considered
as "cheating". If one of the stations makes a mistake, the other station is
not penalized or disqualified for "honest" error. It is to partially
compensate for errors that happen and during log checking process to penalize
the one who caused the error, by taking a point or two away. Now with
computerized checking it is easy to do crosscheck on exchange too. 

<< I get the impression that K3BU is trolling for credibility
 and a leadership position; from the first Yurigram that appeared 
 here (With K7LXC's colorful rejoinder).  Lets see:>>

Thank you for uncovering what it is. I had a problem defining it, yea I am
begging you for my credibility and to vote for me to be a leader of world's
amateur radio movement and to put me in the White House. I confess, I want to
be a King of All Hams and Radioland Country.
<<    Volunteering to go to IG9 and supervise their efforts
    at world record setting.  Hey, perhaps they will bite
    on that. >>

No, I expressed my amazement that station with 300 W max legal power can put
out signal that is at least 30 dB louder than ANYTHING coming out of Europe
and Africa the whole contest (and running kWs). In my 40 years of hamming I
haven't heard anything like it. I am in search of the best contest QTH I can
find for Tesla Contest RC club station. If the location (ocean, hill, latt.)
was the answer, I was willing to see it with my own eyes (go there operate
same ant setup with 300W) and go for it, it would answer my 40 year old
question. If it was LORAN transmitter driven by FL2100, then they can have it
and enjoy it, if it turns them on. But then I have a problem with signed
clause at the end of the contest summary sheet stating that they obeyed the
rules, etc., esp. if it is record score. If this is not a problem, I'd like
to know too, for I can build godzilla amp too and play by the same "rules"..

<<    Collecting input on 160M Phone Contest rules violations.>>

W4ZV asked someone to do that in order to quiet down the outrage that W2GD
operation caused by violating the rules of the contest. I did part of it,
summarized it and posted on KA9FOX home page. 
K8... finished it off.  
 <<  Volunteering to set up some kind of forum at Dayton to
    whine about contest rules.>>
If there is any place to discuss the contest rules or improvements, shouldn't
that be Dayton's Contest Forum? Or you rather see the umpteenth picture of
the tribander in Caribbean.

<<    Yelling at Kenwood because they didn't react to his kind
    offer of engineering management for any new transceivers,
    including the use of his many Bona-Fides. >>

More like contester's and enginner's advice/consulting in equipment design. I
was loyal Kenwood fan since TS930, I wanted to see them to maintain the
leadership. I got mislead by TS870 advertising and last years Dayton "show"
into buying TS870 and grossly disapointed by it's receiver's overload and
filtering characteristics. I offered my help and after 5 months, I gave up
and made it public that "your favorite company doesn't give a hoot about good
radio design", market place will teach them lesson just like IBM has been
     As far as my bonafides, I am proud of them because they spell results of
my work and contribution to radio and computer science. I used them
sparringly just as one would use his resume when applying for position. 
  <<  Extending the engineering offer to Yaesu and Icom (No results 
    have been ducted in here so far). >>

You got problem with that?  Do I need your permission?
I thought all hams would benefit from better designed rigs. Otherwise I will
just do what I have been doing: buy an decent old rig and rebuild it. I
usually shared my findings with ham community.
I am not looking for job (got my own businesses) or radios, (XYL just gifted
me with IC781, my sixth radio)  So, forgive me!
Maybe I should just open service shop to modify the lousy radios into mean
contest machines.

 <<   Vigilante fervor against someone who dared to use "his" frequency. >>

What? I do not have frequency and if I don't have callers for about 5 minutes
I move on. I even "returned" frequency to K3ANS who came back after 20
minutes to "his" freq! Not like your W2GD team of 12 operators cramed into DX
window on 160 for whole contest. I think you got it backwards.
 <<   Putting forth an old contest, defunct because someone ran off
    with the silverware.>>
Contest got defunct (oops, pause in running), because nobody picked it up,
when I could not do it. (Where were you?) It is hard to find the fool who
would put up about $2500 and six 20-hour days of work a month to put out
magazine and run contest etc. For me it was like someone took my child away
and I couldn't do anything about it. So give it a rest. 
When KR2Q challenged to pick up the gountlet, I threw it out for
consideration. If people will like it, they will make it go. If not it will
fade away. Rules are designed to try to give fair chance to everybody, not
just Caribbeans and expeditions.

<< Hey, maybe he'll start up a magazine!  Maybe take up a collection!
   I would advise anyone NOT to send him any money.   >>

Hey, maybe I will! No, I don't need your collection and never asked anyone
for donation. Thank God and hard work, I have bounced back, I regained my
health and I am back to radio, wheather you like it or not. DO NOT SEND ME
ANY MONEY, do not feed animals in the ZOO, do not work DX off lists, obey the
rules and stay off the DX window if it is mandated by the rules. Above all,
have FUN!

Maybe you can explain why it takes 12 operators on one band to QRM 3 kHz of
160m DX window and make it miserable for 2000 of other hams?
This whole discussion about CW bandplan on 160m that is going on now, is
because of W2GD and 12 co. If there was a CW segment up to 1840, your license
wouldn't last too long if you transmitted LSB on 1840.7. 
Gene, I have nothing personal against you or anyone else. I am in ham radio
to make friends and to have fun without violating the rules. If you have
problems with that, than I feel sorry for you, and all I can do is pray for
you and others in the same boat.
So far I am having a ball and I am looking forward to greater things in life
and ham radio. I won't spoil the Dayton this year, I will enjoy trip to
Arizona with my family. Whatever you decide and put into the rules, I will
obey by it.
Sorry for the bandwith, I feel I had to respond. Maybe just a bit of spice
after a dull weekend on the reflector.

73 and stay clean!
CU from K3BU/M, working on 5BDXCC and 5BWAZ mobile.
Yuri  oK3BU, VE3BMV

P.S. Finally, with all the money I "made" from sponsorship by ICOM, Kenwood
and Yaesu I can afford now color QSL cards, different for each contest
operation (all QSOs QSLd automatically 100% via bureau). Those who collect 12
cards will get beautifull certificate - at no charge. More details on
upcoming RADIOSPORTING Home Page.


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