[CQ-Contest] New Contest?

Chris Pedder g3vbl at netcomuk.co.uk
Tue Apr 8 09:10:45 EDT 1997

At 20:12 07/04/97 -0400, K3BU wrote:

>     As far as my bonafides, I am proud of them because they spell results of
>my work and contribution to radio and computer science. I used them
>sparringly just as one would use his resume when applying for position.

I think sparringly (sic) just about sums it up. 

>I am not looking for job (got my own businesses) or radios, (XYL just gifted
>me with IC781, my sixth radio)  So, forgive me!

Perhaps this new(?) prosperity means that those people who, in the past,
sent money to him for magazines which they did not receive, now have some
hope of recompense?

>P.S. Finally, with all the money I "made" from sponsorship by ICOM, Kenwood
>and Yaesu I can afford now color QSL cards, different for each contest
>operation (all QSOs QSLd automatically 100% via bureau). Those who collect 12
>cards will get beautifull certificate - at no charge. More details on
>upcoming RADIOSPORTING Home Page.

Will this 'Home page' be available on subscription and, if so, what
guarantee do we have that we will get our money's worth?

In short Mr Blablabla (thank you dr. Bafoofnik)..... spare us!


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