[CQ-Contest] TESLA Championship

Spike Lazar slazar19 at sgi.net
Mon Apr 7 21:36:24 EDT 1997

Dear Mr. Blablabla,

I feel a "BMV" in my "BVD's", I checked it out, it looks like it,
it smells like it, it must be ..it? 

The real question is who is going to check your logs? 
Maybe the guys from Lampedosa Isle?

Also quite a impressive prize lists, may I suggest instead a 
lifetime subscription to Radiosporting?

Actually, nobody ever appreciates the sponsor of a contest, 
to show my appreciation, I've  reserved seats on the Hale-Bopp 
spaceship for all the members of the Tesla Radio Club. Will I 
need more than one seat? 

Don't worry about the prizes while you are gone, I'll see to it 
each enterant gets lifesize autographed picture of you suitable 
for framing, best to remember you by.

dr. Bafoofnik

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