[CQ-Contest] Re: WPX Contest scoring rules

Tony and Celia Becker becker at SPRINTMAIL.COM
Mon Apr 7 23:30:48 EDT 1997

Hi All!

At 08:20 AM 4/7/97 -0400, Ken N4UK <ramirezk at emi.com> wrote:
>Would a USA M/M or high scoring single op care 
>to play with his score from last weeks WPX contest and count all 
>their USA contacts as .25 points for 10,15,20 and .5 points for 
>40,80,and 160 and see how much of a score difference it made?

OK, why not?   It beats reading endless posts about VANITY calls, which BTW  caused there to be many fewer PREFIX multipliers available this year.  Why is no one complaining about how the new VANITY callsigns screw up the WPX records?

This year operating as AE0M from the N6RO super station under the current 0,1,2,3 point rule we had, approximately:

        9388 QSO pts. x 872 mults. =  8186336 points.

If the rule had been 1,1,2,3 points we would have, approximately:

       11911 QSO pts. x 872 mults. = 10386392 points.

an increase of 27%, but still well short of the big European and Caribbean Multi- scores.  Smaller point increments would give commensurately smaller differences.

BUT, perhaps it would have been much more FUN working those zero pointers, and the more FUN the better the CONTEST!  It might just be enough additional FUN to keep me from worrying we would be spotting the East Coast too many easy counters on the low bands where points count double.  

Then again, maybe not.  As Albert has said, "All things are relative, only some more so than others". :) 


AE0M, Tony Becker - becker at sprintmail.com - Silicon Valley, U.S.A.

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