[CQ-Contest] WPX Rules

Klimoff Timo timo.klimoff at ktm.vn.fi
Tue Apr 8 10:05:19 EDT 1997

This will be my last comment about WPX rules here at the reflector.

Yes, there is something wrong with the WPX rules:

KQ2M goes to N2RM and works 2246 qsopoints (including all those ZERO pointers).
He also nails 774 multipliers and gets 4.860.000 points as his score.

OH1EH travels to OH0AM. There is only one other station active during the
contest from the Aland Islands (OH0RJ). Ari works 2571 qsopoints (pratically
no ZERO-point-qsos). He gets 680 multipliers and the score of 3.100.800.
With 774 prefixes in his log, score would be 3.529.440. This is 1.3 Million
points less than KQ2M!!! 

There is something wrong with the WPX Scoring system !!!

73 Timo
Contest Club Finland
editor of PileUP! magazine

PS. OH0AM has stacked antennas arrays and 3el fullsize beam for 40 meters.
OH1EH is 2-time World Champion. 

             Timo Klimoff (OH0NOA)

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