[CQ-Contest] WPX Final Comments

JimmyR.Floyd JimmyR.Floyd
Wed Apr 9 16:48:13 EDT 1997

WPX Final Comments

Let me say one thing real quick. Several people have hit the nail on the head
in this reflector but do not realize it. The problem with this contest as with
all other contests, DXCC and ham radio in general is the rules were written so
long ago that most are outdated. Technology has well surpassed their realm of 
making a contest fair or inviting anyone to join.

This statement that everyone seems to be using, "IT AINT BROKE SO DO NOT FIX
IT" is getting old. Let me ask a few things real quick and see if you think
ham radio is NOT broke.

Listen to 75 meters every night and hear cussing like a drunk sailor on Friday
nite. People laughing about fines they have from the FCC.

My neighbor becoming an Extra Class, A VE and giving tests and cannot copy 5 
WPM. The reason, he has stomach ulcers.

Another friend having 4 calls, 3 of which are ficticious clubs he made up.

Anyone being able to bring up a two meter repeater, link it to HF and operate
anywhere they want no matter what their license say.

Ham radio license being sold by VE teams with no enforcement.

US Stations operating below 7.150 in DX contests and not being DQ'ed or fined.
SSB test of course.

Dealers at Hamfests bitching on how computers are the only thing hams are 
buying when they should be studying the market procedures that computers use
to sell their product.

Calling CQ on 75 meters in WPX and say I am listening at 3695 and have two 
extra class US hams call me on 3695.

These are just a few things I would like to bring to everyone's attention if 
they think Ham Radio is not broke. We need a change in amatuer radio and since
this is a contest reflector lets talk about that.

The rules for all contests need to be assesed and maybe not changed but looked
at with an open mind and made to fit the new ham. The people who does this
assessment needs to be made up of both new and old hams. Nothing ever survives 
without new ideas and changes. You try different things and if they do not work
you try something else, but when things are written in stone as it seems 
contest rules are, people just do not participate. It shows in WPX compared to
all the other big contests. Everyone says that this will happen and that will
happen if we change the system. Please tell me how they know that. If they can
tell the future they are better than me. Give it a try for a year and see what
happens. If it is that bad, put it back to what it was or improve what you 
tried. Just do not close your mind to new ideas as it seems like a lot of people
have on here.

I have begged for the ARRL and CQ to have a contest forum at Dayton. Have their
reps on stage and lets have a question, answer and suggestion forum. Lets hear
how the ham feels. I know that everyone cannot be at Dayton but at least that
is a start. It amazes me how the ARRL and CQ loves to do surveys but never have
I had seen one on contest rules. I am sure you cannot make rules that make
everyone happy but the old saying the needs of the many outweigh the needs of
the few apply here. 

I do agree with N4KG on the point that the ones speaking out against change are
the ones that benefit the most from the rules now. Again my above statement
applies there. This is also taking place right now with DXCC. The people on the
honor roll control the countries that are eligible for DXCC so by doing that 
you can control how many join YOUR elite group. I know that has nothing to do
with contesting but just another point about how things in general need to be
looked at.

And finally to the gentleman who said something about not speaking out and just
let it go, I will say this. I believe this country was founded on speaking out
and saying things were not right. We dumped tea in a harbor to prove our point.
So just because it is THAT WAY, does not mean it is the RIGHT WAY. It is time
for ham radio to move on and change, if not it will die. Maybe it should be the
contest community that shows the way.

73 Jim

BTW: I spoke a lot about new hams and so everyone does not think I just got off
the boat, I have been licensed since 1976.  

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