[CQ-Contest] Whoelse can you call??

Robert w5robert at blkbox.COM
Wed Apr 9 23:54:49 EDT 1997

> >The FAX number at CQ is 516-681-2926, fax them weekly. > >The Phone
number at CQ is 516-681-2922, call them weekly. > >Document previous fax's
on each fax.  > 
> And put on the fax that you would like to volunteer to
do the work of > getting everyone else's certificate out too.  > > Common
guys... N8BJQ does this as volunteer work.  You have NO IDEA how hard > it
is to check logs, compile results, etc...  I cant believe anyone does it. 
> > 73 > Bill Fisher, W4AN (EX KM9P)

I think the fustration factor is that here is a major ham mag. publishing
rules & listing awards that will happen for major contest. Everyone is
grateful for the volunteer work - the other side is we invest alot of
our time and resources and then if/when we place, nothing or long delay. 
I understand CQ now handles the awards for CQ WW.  Don't know abt WPX? 
OK, so these guys want to find out about their award?  Call/Fax CQ, we
haven't seen any replies that propose a better way to communicate the
problem?? that being directly with CQ.
-- 73 Robert W5AJ w5robert at blkbox.com

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