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Chuck Dietz KE5FI ke5fi at wt.net
Thu Apr 10 00:23:53 EDT 1997

I sent this to the wrong reflector originally,

Chuck Dietz (KE5FI) wrote:
> Jimmy R. Floyd wrote:
> >
> > WPX Final Comments
> >
> > Let me say one thing real quick. Several people have hit the nail on the head
> > in this reflector but do not realize it. The problem with this contest as with
> > all other contests, DXCC and ham radio in general is the rules were written so
> > long ago that most are outdated. Technology has well surpassed their realm of
> > making a contest fair or inviting anyone to join.
> >
> > This statement that everyone seems to be using, "IT AINT BROKE SO DO NOT FIX
> > IT" is getting old. Let me ask a few things real quick and see if you think
> > ham radio is NOT broke.
> >
> -snip a lot!-
> Wow!  I feel terrible that you feel the way you do.  I have been a ham
> for 40 years this year (Yes, I was a genius who was licensed at 2 years
> old) I also think that many of your observations have validity, however,
> I don't think they are a reflection of the ham population as a whole.
> Almost all of the hams I know are trustworthy, kind, intelligent and
> worthy soles who you would be happy to know.  I see many of them on a
> daily basis and I am proud to be associated with them.
> I truly believe the individuals you have spoken about are the exception
> rather than the rule.  I certainly hope you will look further than their
> shadows before you condemn Ham Radio as a whole.
> 73,
> Chuck Dietz, KE5FI
> Houston, Texas

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