[CQ-Contest] CQ Contest - Help !

Kosmenko, Gordon GKosmenko at stantech.com
Fri Apr 11 10:02:29 EDT 1997

The Contest Reflector this last month echoes alot of concern about
the health of some contest events, specifically CQ WW DX and WPX.
Areas of concern are from basic rule changes to unfilled commitments
regarding winner certificates.

Our administrative problems seem to be rooted in voluntary commitment
of a few dedicated individuals which have a tremendous work load to just
make happen the written announcements, after contest log checking and
posting of score results.

So. it seems we as the international contest community need to do
something to "spin-up" the administrative needs for our major contests
to make them meet the needs which have been echoed on this reflector
so many times.

Yet, instead of "pulling together" as a world contest community we seem
to be moving in a more fragmented direction. For example in regard to
publications CQ, CQ Contest , why ? Who are management team to the
CQ WW DX & WPX contests ? Where are they ? To they have any visibility ?
We use to see contest matters discussed in CQ's regular department of
Contest Scene authored by Frank about the administration of the

I ask the question does the CQ Publication organization need help with
administration of its sponsored contests ? If so talk to us .... say
either in editorials, contest scene column or a feature article. CQ
in depth articles regarding log checking great ! What about the basics
administrating the contest program. It seems it needs help in just doing
committed basics ! We need to polish-up what is already required to be
and a plan to look at new changes for the future. A CQ Publication
forum maybe ??

Where to we start the fixing folks ...?????

73 de Gord VE6SV


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