[CQ-Contest] Nasty CTv9.27 bug WPX M/M

ramirezk at emi.com ramirezk at emi.com
Fri Apr 11 21:40:20 EDT 1997

     Anyone running CT v9.27 in loop mode for a M/M operation?
  We ran into a nasty bug that royally screwed up the merged bin 
file serial number sequence. Somewhere during the merge some 
calls were added into the log with back to back, identical 
serial numbers. The calls appear to be calls that were either 
mistyped or miscopied originally and then corrected immediately 
by the operator but CT still kept it in the log. When a writelog 
is done the .band ascii logs are all issued with good sequential 
serial numbers EXCEPT that the bad call is still in and given 
its own serial number which causes each log to be over from the 
original log. Each of our band logs were over anywhere from 1-4 
qsos each. I had to go and find each bogus call, give it the 
wp3x call in the .bin log and then do a fix_mine to get rid of 
it. Once all the bogus calls were removed from each band the 
ascii .band logs were correct with the right serial number per 
call. What a royal pain in the ass. The ONLY way to get the log 
right was to check each .band log against the original per band 
.bin files.
          Why not just use each original band log you ask? Well, 
the only way to get a good final score and exact prefix 
multiplier count is to merge all the logs and remove the bad 
calls; some of which caused bogus prefix mults. There's got to 
be an easier way to network for WPX M/M...........
 73 Ken N4UK 
Cabo Rojo Contest Club-WP3X

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