[CQ-Contest] JIDX : I was there !

JA7RHJ Bear HCE00747 at niftyserve.or.jp
Tue Apr 15 02:21:00 EDT 1997

Hello Bruce & all,

Sorry for not-so-good condition during JIDX.

"All JA7 Contest" was held from 12Z Saturday to 03Z Sunday.  With
the same time period "Iwate prefecture QSO party" was jointly held.
Some of you might found several JA7s above 50kHz of each high bands,
all they were for these domestic contests.  As far as I know, Tatsu,
JH7WKQ was sticking to the QSO party as a trustee of the local club.

Saty, JE1JKL was a guest at JR1ZTT, I don't know whether he operated
there or not.  Tack, JE1CKA must have some difficulties to come up
on the air like he was unable to come to WRTC.  Mas, JE3MAS confessed
he was looking for JA from Jamaica but couldn't find anyone, he was on
PHONE bands Hi.

How was I ?  Yes I was there, for the States, just for several hours
around 00Z of the second day.  At least Fred, K3ZO and Trey, N5KO
(as N6IJ) could bear witness of Bear's on-air Hi.  I was still at
work on Saturday, so there was no luck to see you, Bruce.

> For those who might have missed the fine print in Tack's announcement, Bear,
> JA7RHJ, has offered to pick up the tab on the plane ticket for the U.S.
> winner to fly to Japan to pick up his plaque for the phone contest.

Yes, I do !  Sorry for not offering to any other countries nor to CW
due to limited budget.  This year, we are waiting for Rich, WC6H's

I have been sending invitation letters to Mike, KA6SAR, who won a right
to receive the air ticket as W6EEN in '94, both by Electronic (tens
times with 4 addresses) & snail, so far I haven't received any response.

According to the committee's (my?) internal rule, the visit must be
no later than next person's visit.  If Mike doesn't claim & visit by
September (maybe), he will lose the right.  Could someone please tell
this to Mike ?  I want him coming to Japan.

Talking about Lew, W7EW (ex N7AVK), who won in '93 but hasn't visited
yet, he is devoting himself to emergency medical service and unable
to come for several years.  I'm considering special treatment for him.

Please don't believe the rumor this ticket is only for K3EST ! Hi

> If you want to go for that one, you have to give up CW
> sweepstakes in order to operate a phone contest.  What a price to pay!

I know this kind complaints.  Is there any good solution ?

                                  - BEAR -  Yasushi  Kumagai
                                             JA7RHJ / AA6PU

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