[CQ-Contest] March/April NCJ arrives

henrypol2 at juno.com henrypol2 at juno.com
Tue Apr 15 02:24:31 EDT 1997

Made the trip to the PO box this afternoon on the way home from work and
was surprised to finally find the latest NCJ.  I know some of you have
already had you copies for at least a week.  I had been checking every
day last week except Saturday, so that must have been when it was put in
the box.  Not sure why it took so long for copies to reach Raleigh, NC,
especially when it was apparently mailed from Johnson City, TN, instead
of the previous mailings from Hartford, CT.  Guess I'll have to see if
this is a continuing trend in the future.

So what do we have this time.....

Front cover photo of WB9Z's antenna farm.  Some nice towers, but it's
hard to tell what is on them, other than a flag on the tallest one.  At
least there is a feature article inside with more details.

KW9KW has an interesting editorial on vanity calls and contest awards

Feature Articles:  The Battle of the Cheesecake! (not sure why it wasn't
titled 'Cheesecake versus Mrs. Fields Cookies'; anyway, interesting way
to challenge your local contesters); NCJ Profile of WB9Z; K5ZD & KE5FI
on Search & Pounce Contest Operating; Araucaria DX Group Continues to
Honor Contesters; NCJ Profile of K3MM; This is K3VOA, 59(9) DC Over;
Line Noise and Dealing with Your Local Cooperatives; and CQ 160 Meter CW
from OH0.

Regular Columns:  The Contest Traveler (new column on contest
DXpeditioning!); International Contests (North America results from 96
RSGB 7 MHz Contest; 96 ARI International DX Contest; 5th Asia Pacific
Sprint, and 96 Canada Day Contest); VHF-UHF Contesting; Contest Tips,
Tricks & Techniques - low cost improvements; and Contest Calendar (March
- June 97 contests).

Scores: 96 ARRL Spring Sprint Results.

Plus several "Shorts".

Henry Pollock - WB4HFL
Raleigh, NC

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