[CQ-Contest] WPX - proposed changes

Hans Brakob hansbrakob at juno.com
Tue Apr 15 14:32:02 EDT 1997

On Thu, 03 Apr 1997 20:41:37 EST k6xx at JUNO.COM (Bob Wolbert) writes:

>The reason for the change is to increase participation by decreasing 
>the "frustration factor". I was lucky enough to play at AE0M (N6RO) 
>last weekend. Sunday morning, I was assigned 10m. The band was poor; 
>most contacts were difficult. What was frustrating, however, was the 
>fact that my total contribution to the AE0M m/m score was only a dozen 
>QSO points and one multiplier--in EIGHTY contacts.


Here is EXACTLY why there should be *some* value to every contact.
Hell, make it a half point, but make it *something*!

73, de Hans, K0HB

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