[CQ-Contest] CQ 160 Announcements

David L. Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Wed Apr 16 22:49:58 EDT 1997

Here is the status on the 1997 CQ 160 Contest.

I have officially 763 CW Logs and 468 SSB logs not counting check logs and
diskettes I have not been able to read.  I still do not have the second
round of e-mail logs sent to cq160 at contesting.com.

Don't panic if you don't see your e-mail log as I will get them this week.

I may send a complete set of claimed scores to Dayton as i should have
everything in the computer by then along with a list of those that I need
more material from (something better than a .bin).  I will also notify those
directly, too.  I have 7 diskettes that I have not been able to get a final
score from, but ask W7GG if I don't bend over backward to make sense of them!

To CQ Spain...I got the second big package of scores.  ED5SS was for the CQ
WW SSB last Fall as was one check log.  All other logs Ok except CS1A which
was in Portuguese with no summary information.  I will try to read their
diskette and see what it contains.  Thanks to you guys for getting the many
logs together!

To our friends in Russia (please QSP).  I see several logs scored
incorrectly.  If you are in EURussia only other EURussia is 2 points not
UN2, UA9, or UR.  If you are UR (Ukraine) only other Ukraine is 2 points all
other ex CIS is 5 or 10(UA9) points.  Most are Ok bout at least 4 logs are
entered into claimed scores so noted!  I will fix this time!

73, Dave K4JRB
CQ 160 Director

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