[CQ-Contest] Windows 95 & CT

Ernie Howard w8eh at infinet.com
Wed Apr 16 23:32:36 EDT 1997

Hello all,

I saw the request for information on running CT under Windows 95,
and thought I would pass this tidbit.  Those of you who want to 
control a rig or send CW on a comm port, may need this proceedure.  
It just tells Windows 95 to release control of the needed comm port.  
You can then run CT in a window, without dropping to DOS.  
The setup tips at  http://www.yccc.org/CTandWin95.html, explain
how to run CT with Windows 95 in dos mode. That means you have
to give up multitasking features of Windows 95. 

I do the following before starting CT, and then I load the
comm TSR's with CT.  I communicate with my Yaesu FT-890 out a 
comm port and key CW out LPT 1.
The proceedure:

Click on 'Start'
Click on 'Settings'
Open 'Control Panel'
Double click on 'System'
Click on the 'Device Manager' tab above
Click on the plus sign next to 'Ports (COM & LPT)'
Select the comm or lpt port you want to control with CT
Click on the 'Properties' button below the window
You should see (under the tab 'general') a highlighted
 line that starts with a checkmark and says 'original configuration',
 just uncheck the box and click on 'OK'.
That will release Windows 95 control over that port, then
 you will be able to control your rig under 'CT'.
You can return to normal by just clicking the checkmark back on.

This is an easy but effective way to make CT and Windows 95 work
together, without hacking up Windows.  You do have to keep CT as 
the active window in order for it to send CW and control your rig, but
it allows you to do other things like call lookups and stuff.

73 Ernie W8EH (ex AG8Y)
Ernie Howard, Jr    W8EH    Middletown, Ohio
Internet E-mail: w8eh at infinet.com
Web Page: http://www.infinet.com/~w8eh
Packet Radio: w8eh at w8jeu.#day.oh.usa.noam

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