[CQ-Contest] Hey, so you think you own the freq. or something?

John Brosnahan broz at csn.net
Sun Apr 27 17:34:30 EDT 1997

Just saw this on the VHF reflector.  Guess it might be possible
to REALLY own 14.150.5.  Think I will start getting my bids in
for the best freqs, since I didn't blow all of my resources by
chasing a new vanity call.  Maybe 0-land can form a consortium 
and grab all of the best freqs.

73  John  W0UN

>Hi there Guys and Gals,
>  Let's buy some more ham bands.  Buy??? Read on.
>The first business page of Saturday's Washington Post, G1, has a story
>on the latest FCC spectrum auction.  They had expected bids to total
>$1.8 BILLION,  The actual total was $13.6 MILLION.  "The FCC blamed
>yesterday's poor showing on Congress, saying it didn't give the agency
>or the industry enough time to prepare for the latest auction. But the
>low bids also might be a sign that the market for airwave licenses is
>becoming glutted, some analysts said."
>also -
>"McLeod Inc, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, actually bid $1 for each of four
>licenses in the Midwest covering areas with a 15 million population -
>and won.  Nobody countered its bid in 29 rounds."
>We hams, the ARRL, somebody, needs to start bidding. Bidding random
>small amounts should eliminate the the "hams always bid $10" problem.
>To read the whole story, point your browser at
>http://www.washingtonpost.com , and click on SEARCH, which is usually
>near the top of the first page you see.  Try searching for FCC or Hundt
>(the chairman).
>	73 de Bob w3otc

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