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>There was another similar trend that I found to be disturbing this 
>weekend.  I think it was N5KO that suggested sending only your callsign 
>if the other station had busted your call, that way they would have to 
    >fix it before logging you.  Well, I tried this, and several times the 
>the other stations came back with something like KB0O TU QRZ?.  They 
>logged me even though I NEVER sent them my exchange. 

>There were other times when stations would come back with something like 
>0o 5nn 14, and I would reply with kb0o tu 5nn 4.  Many times the 
>response I got to this was TU QRZ? How do I know they got my call 

I had the same experience...in spades...but with some differences. 
I was QRP. It was sometimes difficult making the initial contact, then 
doing seemingly endless repeats of my call (There's a lot of ops with 
great patience and tenacity out there--thanks for sticking with me).  
In only a half dozen instances did the station end up saying "TU QRZ?".  
I pictured them logging something other than my call in the log and 
looking to move on.  I simply called them again.  I managed to 
recontact all but one and all but one of them gave me "KG5U 599 nn" 
right off the bat.  They were either understanding that I was verifying 
or confirming the QSO or I was a new log entry for him.  Either way, 
I got into his log correctly.  

Now, what about those of us who answered CQ's?  What opportunity
did we give the CQ station operator to know we have his call correct
if we don't use it in our part of the exchange?  I know I only used the
station's call when I wasn't absolutely sure I had copied it correctly in
his CQ. 


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