Bob Perring perring at texas.net
Mon Dec 8 13:17:12 EST 1997

If your station is like mine, you have a bazillion of those power cubes
poked into whatever outlet you can find room for, while trying to keep
one power cube from bumping up against or into another one and
competing for the outlet space.

I just came from one of the CompUSA outlets here in Houston, and found
what might be a real help to my situation and, if you are in the same
boat, will help you too.

Six outlet surge protected "SmartSockets" by Kensington, with six foot
cord and modem protection, to boot.

Price = ..............................  $29.95
Instant store rebate of ...  $10.00
Coupon mail-in rebate of $10.00

Net price = .......................  $  9.95

This guy will easily accept six power cubes with none of them touching
each other or fighting for strip space. The cubes will plug in at a 90
degree angle to the strip, as opposed to lining up and down the length
of the strip.

If it helps anyone, glad to pass along the "find".


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