[CQ-Contest] 1 station, 2 callsigns

Walter Deemer kn4t at gate.net
Thu Dec 11 10:30:26 EST 1997

At 02:05 PM 12/10/97 EST, W2XL wrote:
>This is in reference to the post from W9XR about the W3GH and W9XR multi-op
>during the ARRL 160 Contest. If this was done from 1 station, I hope that the
>scores will not be submitted as other than check-logs.   December QST has 
>published "General Rules for All ARRL Contests" starting on page 100.
>Rule 3.3 states: One operator may not use more than one callsign from any
>given location during the contest period.
>Rule 3.5 states in part: A transmitter used to contact one or more stations
>may not be used under any pother call during the contest period.
>I think this plainly prohibits what was done in this case.

Reminds me of when, years ago, W3GM (then W3BES) and W3EBG were
single-station multi-op entries in the SS.  Folks operated 40 out of 66
hours in the SS back then (over two weekends), so each station put in 33
hours.  When one found a mult, they simply switched calls and worked it again.

W3EBG, of course, was W3BES's son --and it was perfectly OK for family
members to operate in this manner.  Perhaps the Green Hornet should adopt
Dr. Bafoofnik.

73, Walt, KN4T (ex-AC1O)
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