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Doug KR2Q DougKR2Q at aol.com
Tue Dec 30 08:08:26 EST 1997

In a message dated 97-12-30 02:37:34 EST, NT5C wrote:

<< The real
 problem is that the new regulations will provide one more wonderful weapon
 with which local governments and the attornies of ignorant non-amateur
 neighbors can bash us >>

It is my opinion that these rules are a GOD-SEND from heaven!  This is
SERIOUS!  Don't you guys/gals realize that with PRB-1 that towns must make
"reasonable accomodation" for ham radio AND that if a town say that a 30'
tower is "reasonable" that they now have a SERIOUS problem because an
installation at that height may NOT meet the new "guidelines."

IMHO, this a VERY POWERFUL NEW TOOL to HELP hams!  How do you think towns will
react when they discover that HIGHER IS BETTER in terms of exposure?  Don't
you think that the neighbors will now WANT the antennas further away (UP!).

I was involved in legal action (with LOTS of "neighbors") over 10 years ago
and one of the issues raised was the OSHA standards for non-ionizing radiation
levels.  I had to figure out all this stuff over a decade ago and let me tell
you, it was very convincing that HEIGHT is VERY important in meeting the

We can now USE our neighbors to our ADVANTAGE.  Eg.: if "x" feet just MEETS
the standards, then wouldn't they want at least 3x or 4x in place?  Wouldn't
10x be even better?  Look...the FCC says that towns CAN NOT say "no" to ham
radio, RF Power is under the SOLE control of the FCC (towns cannot regulate
that), so the ONLY way towns can build in enough "safety" factor is to permit,
if not DEMAND, that antennas be placed HIGH (away from the neighbors and
YOU!).  Including anteannas that DO point "down" would only make the case

SUMMARY:  IMHO, you folks are taking the WRONG attitude about this whole
thing.  This can be a wonderful windfall for all (USA) hams!  You might even
get NEW local legislation passed requiring towers to be AT LEAST 70 feet
high...and they will do it WILLINGLY!!!  Rather than say "they will never come
around here," INVITE THEM OVER and tell them what MUST be done in order to
comply.  The FCC has really put towns between a rock and a hard place.  :-)

de Doug KR2Q

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