One by Two Call Signs

Michael A. McCarthy wa1uar at
Wed Jan 1 17:39:29 EST 1997

> Could someone tell me the key strokes to download from 
> the FCC the call sign data base?  I thought that maybe
> I would get a new extra call but I can only run one call
> at a time.  Am looking for what is left of the Nine land
> area.  Also when I get to the FCC, do I need to UNZIP 
> something??  I'm still a rookie when it comes to this
> computer stuff!!!!
Hi Mike,
   I don't think you should try that route!  The database on the
FCC site is just that...a database.  You will need to write
a program to read it and assemble it into a readable form.

I would suggest the following site via the world wide  web...

The database on this site is updated daily from the FCC.
Also, there is good info on what calls are available at


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>From ke7gh at (Brian Short)  Thu Jan  2 01:32:58 1997
From: ke7gh at (Brian Short) (Brian Short)
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 01:32:58 -0000
Subject: Help w/Amp 80m Anomaly?
Message-ID: <01BBF84C.E6AE34C0 at>

Stayed up extra late New Years morning to make a few casual
RTTY contacts in the SARTG New Years RTTY Sprint and had
an unusual occurrence that I would like to solicit comments about.

I recently added a Viking MB-V-A tuner to my station and changed
my 80m antenna to ladder line fed (160' long, center fed).  I have
never before tested for any long period this antenna/tuner combination
with an amplifier.

Last night I was running about 900-1000w on RTTY.  I was CQ'ing at
a rather low intermittant rate while working on some other things in
the shack.  Suddenly, the amp shut down, blowing both 250v 15a fuses.
Everything had been ok previously and I had made a few QSOs prior.

I later put in some (smaller) fuses I had on hand and performed a cursory
test.  HV is etc is all ok.  Tested at reduced drive on 40m up to about
400-500w out level and all was fine.  I suspect something arced, causing
the sudden disruption (talk about starting the new year right).  The SWR
to the amp was low over the entire RTTY range.

Questions:  I don't beleive the MB-V-A would arc (settings 14-1-23)?  The
load control on my AL-1200 was very low (about 0, seemed to peak there, 
though)?  I also have an Autek WM1 meter in line, but it never has arced 
before (never ran 80m QRO with it though)?  There is also a high power ICE 
low pass filter in line?  As for the antenna, no snow or ice accumulated (I'm 
near Phoenix), but it was damp out?  Never applied high power to it before?
FT-1000mp was at reduced power out?  I suspect it may be just the loading 
of the amp?

Any suggestions of avoiding future problems?  Where is a good source of 
spare 250v 15a ceramic fuses? 

I'd like to feel more comfortable operating 80m this weekend?

73, Brian ke7gh at

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