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>From jon at (Jon)  Sat Jan  4 18:06:20 1997
From: jon at (Jon) (Jon)
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 1997 11:06:20 -0700 (MST)
Message-ID: <Pine.GSO.3.95.970104110516.6790A-100000 at>

 How old is Jason.  I think this is too far an extreme for punishment.
 How much worse can SSB be compared to Network Television???

On Sat, 4 Jan 1997 K7SV at wrote:

> The following was posted on 3830 yesterday:
> "Subj:	No more contesting...
> Date:	97-01-03 22:05:44 EST
> From:	jegold at (Jimmy Goldsberry)
> Sender:	owner-3830 at
> To:	3830 at
> Jason, AB5LX, will no longer be participating in contesting, nor will he
> be found operating phone.
>  As his parents, we regret that the actions of a few have affected his
> broad range participation on HF. 
>  He has made many friends through amateur radio. Those wishing to QSO
> with him can find him by looking on the CW bands. 
> Jimmy and Brenda Goldsberry
> KC5FR,    KA5DDV"
> I tried to respond to the Goldsberry's to get a better idea as to what
> happened,
> but my EMail bounced. I notice that some others such as K5GO responded 
> via 3830.  I wonder if AB5LX ran amuck of the pig farmers during fone SS. I
> remember working Jason several times during IntSprint. Sharp op. 
> In line with past discussions on bringing new blood into contesting and
> retaining existing contesters, this appears to add a new wrinkle. Does anyone
> know what really happened in this case?  If the situation is as I interpret,
> perhaps a tactful discussion with the Goldsberry's might provide some damage
> control. 
> 73 de Larry K7SV in VA - K7SV at

>From mkuehn at (michael kuehn)  Sat Jan  4 19:41:00 1997
From: mkuehn at (michael kuehn) (michael kuehn)
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 97 14:41 EST
Subject: Antennas and other Stuff
Message-ID: <m0vgbyV-003ijDC at>

Hope the New Year is going well for all!!

Peter Hart wrote a review of several antennas and also did
a comparison of those to the Butternut HF6V.  His article 
ran in Radio Communication March of 1991.

Peter installed his HF6V along with 16 radials of various
lengths.  Like all of us, he compared antennas at hand to the
butternut.  A 3-element tri-bander at 40ft, a 40mtr sloper and
a 190ft inverted L.  The HF6 was down consistently 1-2 S units
from the yagi on 10 and 15mtrs, while 1 S unit on 20mtrs.  He
didn't see any real difference on 40 compared to the sloper,
kinda a toss up.  80 mtrs at "resonance" the butternut was less
than 1 S unit difference to the inverted L.

Vetical to vertical comparison.

The HF6V was compared to the Gap DX-VI challenger.  Both antennas
were mounted in the clear with about 300ft seperation between them.
At this location, the HF6V used 12 radials and the Gap used its 3 
of 25ft.  On 80mtrs the Gap was down 1.5 S units to the HF6, this
reduced to .5 S units at 50Khz away from the HF6 resonance.  On 7
and 14 Mhz no perceptible difference.  On 15 mtrs the Gap was down
1 to 2 S units and about .5 on 28 Mhz compared to the HF6V.

The HF6V was compared to the Gap DX-IV Voyager.  Similar setup
between the two antennas.  On 80 mtrs the Gap was about .5 S units
better than the HF6 at resonance while up to 2 S units better away
from HF6 resonance point.  On 7 Mhz no difference and on 14 Mhz the
Gap was down by 1 to 2 S units.

The HF6V was compared to the Cushcraft R-7.  Again similar setup but
the R-7 was mounted about 5ft above ground.  On 28 and 21 Mhz no 
real differences were seen, like wise on 14 and 7 Mhz.  On 10 Mhz 
the Butternut was just a tick better.

So what does this all mean????

    1.  Each antenna works well either by itself or compared to 
    2.  The small Gap gives up a little on 80 by covering more
    3.  Both Gaps have to be taken down to change 80 coverage by
        changing the capacitor in the top piece of tubing.
    4.  Both Gaps have to be guyed, especially the big one.
    5.  The Cushcraft is vary narrow on 40 and 20 mtrs.

You get what you pay for, but for me I'll keep my HF6V and HF2V.
Easy to work on as I'm getting to old to climb and its varly easy
to adjust the freq coverage.  A little 12-12-12 fertilizer and water
covered my radials over nicely with grass so there out of sight.

The new R-7000 vs the Dx-77 was kinda a wash. No real complaints 
were registered toward the Cushcraft verticals while the Hy-gain
had both mechanical and detuning problems.  All who owned either the
R-7 or the R-7000 were very pleased with them.  For me it was worth
the small purchase price for the R-7000 manual, as I could use a 
new printer Hi.  For me, I think the R-7000 with 80 mtrs is
to much for my small yard, to much guying is required and you need
couterpoise plus top hat wires to boot!!!  

One question came up about feedback from the R-7000.  Don't know,
but I did have a R-5 mounted above the roof about 5ft.  I brought
the feed line down to ground level before bringing into the house. 
Worked ok, but really not as well as my HF6v further out in the yard.
And the HF6v didn't rip my daughters phone up like the R-5.  But
that is not true rf "byte you on the mouth" feed back either Hi.

So for my new year I'll add a few more ground mats and maybe squeeze
in another vertical against the fence line and try my luck at 
phased verticals for 40 mtrs. And when the spots come back maybe a
loop or two for 20 and up.

Tnx for waiting for my responce Mike WD9AJY                  

>From mkuehn at (michael kuehn)  Sat Jan  4 19:45:00 1997
From: mkuehn at (michael kuehn) (michael kuehn)
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 97 14:45 EST
Subject: Call Signs
Message-ID: <m0vgc2K-003ifbC at>

Again Tnx to all for helping me get my call sign paper work
going.  Along the way, two other friends took advantage as
well!  Our paperwork is at the FCC as of Friday the 3rd, so
time will tell.  If any one can tell me how long it takes
before you see the new call listed, that would be great!!!

Tnx agn Mike WD9AJY 

>From jdecker at (Jerry Decker N5RV)  Sat Jan  4 20:12:26 1997
From: jdecker at (Jerry Decker N5RV) (Jerry Decker N5RV)
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 97 14:12:26 -0600
Subject: Call Signs
Message-ID: <199701042013.AA29653 at>

>Again Tnx to all for helping me get my call sign paper work
>going.  Along the way, two other friends took advantage as
>well!  Our paperwork is at the FCC as of Friday the 3rd, so
>time will tell.  If any one can tell me how long it takes
>before you see the new call listed, that would be great!!!
>Tnx agn Mike WD9AJY 

I filed on the 26th of November via the electronic (webpage) method and 
was issued N5RV on the 18th of December. Glad I did not have to wait as 
long as the early filers did.

73 de Jerry N5RV


Jerry Decker N5RV  (ex WR5V)
Ham Radio, Mac User, Novice Programming
The opinions voiced here are my own and not of Motorola Inc.

>From ka8okh at (Rich Dailey, KA8OKH)  Sat Jan  4 21:17:16 1997
From: ka8okh at (Rich Dailey, KA8OKH) (Rich Dailey, KA8OKH)
Date: Sat, 04 Jan 1997 16:17:16 -0500
Subject: KY qso party?
Message-ID: <199701042118.QAA17046 at>

Anyone heard anything about a KY qso party Jan 11-12?  Info?
Yeah I know - naqp cw.  Just curious.

Cheers... rich

Rich Dailey - KA8OKH <ka8okh at>

>From thompson at (David L. Thompson)  Sun Jan  5 00:02:15 1997
From: thompson at (David L. Thompson) (David L. Thompson)
Date: Sat, 04 Jan 1997 19:02:15 -0500
Message-ID: <199701042348.SAA32160 at>

>Jason, AB5LX, will no longer be participating in contesting, nor will he
>be found operating phone.    As his parents, we regret that the actions of
a few have affected his
>broad range participation on HF.  > He has made many friends through
amateur radio. Those wishing to QSO >with him can find him by looking on the
CW bands. 
>Jimmy and Brenda Goldsberry
>KC5FR,    KA5DDV"

This sounds like another case of neighbor complaints.  Contests and
especially phone operation seems to bring out the neighbors who don't want
to hear that their $19.95 telephone
or new VHS isn't shielded properly.  They only know if Jason is off there is
no interference.

My wife went thru "hell" during contests in the 70's and 80's and she knows
the feeling.  Thats why so many of us don't enter the contests much anymore.
Even running single band 40 seemed to draw complaints at my location.
These people just will not get off the phone and she often got afraid they
would call the police or come over themselves (both did happen).   I tried
to get everything cleared up with cable, TV and telephones in my house and
can even put a TV on my Henry amp with no problems.  Luckly Cable has almost
eliminated TVI, but telephones and audio equipment are still problems.  I
have two old "bullet proof" telephones (Western Electric 500 Rotary and 2500
touch tone) that I offer along with a nice letter from the FCC FOB Atlanta
Engineer so have most of the hub-bub worn down.   Now I have a new
neighborhood next door on the old horse farm (I turn on their touch on
lights with my 8877 on 160) so it never ends.

I hope that young contesters and their families (Jason will be 14 in March)
will try to work out
the problems with their neighbors.  But I fully understand the restrictions
to keep good neighborhood relations.

Don't try to get help from the FCC FOB.  If they do have to come out
normally their approach is to impose quiet hours on the ham then try to
correct the problem.  Best bet is the local club Interference committee
armed with the FCC and ARRL interference packets (very good explainations in
layman terms).

Good luck to all contesters with interference problems!

73, Dave K4JRB

>From ik0hbn at ( IK0HBN )  Sun Jan  5 00:11:16 1997
From: ik0hbn at ( IK0HBN ) ( IK0HBN )
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 1997 01:11:16 +0100
Subject: Visit to Madrid! OLE' !!
Message-ID: < at>

Hi everybody. Uahu! I will spend the next 4 days in Madrid, Spain, for job.
Surely I will be free tomorrow (Jan 5,) and the day after tomorrow (Jan 6).
Sadly I got confirmation for that trip only today, so there wasn't enough
time to send this message before. I would like to meet contesters and
DXer's, if any, in Madrid. I will stay to HOTEL MELIA CASTILLA, but, as
other people will wait for me at airport, now I don't know the address. I
will bring my cellular phone (0338/ Italy), outside, try to add
before 0039 as you were calling Italy. It's an affair phone so daily it's
cheap. Otherwise, please try, if possible, to the hotel looking for Mr. LILLO.
Sorry for the bandwith, but the idea of meeting friends, may be contacted
before in contests, is exciting.
I will leave Italy at 09.20 local time and I would land in Madrid with
flight AZ 58.
Thank you....
73 de Sante

Localita' Saineta, 3
01030 Bassano in Teverina (VT) Italy
home telephone: +39 (0) 761-407543  (FAX on request)
E-mail: ik0hbn at
packet adr: IK0HBN at I0INU.IUMB.ITA.EU
DX cluster : IK0HBN > I0JBL-6

>From agaliana at (Tony, EA5BY)  Sun Jan  5 01:23:48 1997
From: agaliana at (Tony, EA5BY) (Tony, EA5BY)
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 1997 02:23:48 +0100
Subject: International Radio
Message-ID: <19970105002320.AAA17354 at>

Hello out there!

We are trying to optimice our transceivers at the
contest station, and we need the e-mail address
of the International Radio and Computers INC.

They have a fine newsletter issues by radio model,
and we are looking for some of them.

Thanks in advance.

73 de Tony
EA5BY and contest crew.

>From kt4ld at (ANDREW H LEWIS)  Sun Jan  5 02:08:10 1997
Date: Sat, 04 Jan 1997 21:08:10 EST
References: <Pine.GSO.3.95.970104110516.6790A-100000 at>
Message-ID: <19970104.221138.4431.2.KT4LD at>

As a friend, and fellow YOUNG contester of Jason, AB5LX, let me say that
he is one of the "cream of the crop" contesters. I marvel at his
accomplishments as well as his supreme operating skills. I have heard him
keep a rate of 121 an hour in the first hour of a phone contest! I model
my operating characteristics after his. I first made his aquaintence 2
years ago when I was new at contesting and he was the pro. I was "awe
struck" at his skill in handling the pileups. Since then, Jason and I,
have corresponded by email and work in almost every single contest.

I must say I worked him just the other day on 20m phone and he seemed to
be in good spirits kinda chipper I'd say so whatever happened must have
happened right after that. Let me say that I think that whatever the
problem is we as a community can work together to make sure this doesn't
happen again without going to such extremes. Please, Jason is a
"top-notch" operator who is very considerate and friendly, so let's not
make him stay off the air. I, too, am curious as to know what happened?
Being just 3 years older than Jason (16) I know what it is like to be
maliciously and purposely sought out by the bad people in ham radio. I,
too, have had my confrontations but when I get made I just turn off the
rig for the day! I also know the neverending urge to contest at the
entire exclusion of everything around me but we have to tell ourselves
that's not what life supposed to be like.

I will surely miss his RF on the phone side if this isn't resolved!

                          73 and sincerely,
Andrew Lewis            16 YEARS OLD
Formerly: KE4LJM, KE4LJM/NA 067, KT4LD
Past operations: ZF2/KT4LD, ZF8ZP, ZF2ZX, 6Y5NR, 6Y5/KT4LD, XE/KT4LD,
QSL Manager for: TF/WF0E, HS0E, HZ1ZM, TF2YE

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