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Sat Jan 4 09:59:36 EST 1997

The following was posted on 3830 yesterday:

"Subj:	No more contesting...
Date:	97-01-03 22:05:44 EST
From:	jegold at (Jimmy Goldsberry)
Sender:	owner-3830 at
To:	3830 at

Jason, AB5LX, will no longer be participating in contesting, nor will he
be found operating phone.
 As his parents, we regret that the actions of a few have affected his
broad range participation on HF. 
 He has made many friends through amateur radio. Those wishing to QSO
with him can find him by looking on the CW bands. 

Jimmy and Brenda Goldsberry

I tried to respond to the Goldsberry's to get a better idea as to what
but my EMail bounced. I notice that some others such as K5GO responded 
via 3830.  I wonder if AB5LX ran amuck of the pig farmers during fone SS. I
remember working Jason several times during IntSprint. Sharp op. 

In line with past discussions on bringing new blood into contesting and
retaining existing contesters, this appears to add a new wrinkle. Does anyone
know what really happened in this case?  If the situation is as I interpret,
perhaps a tactful discussion with the Goldsberry's might provide some damage

73 de Larry K7SV in VA - K7SV at

>From ea7kw at (Jose R. Hierro)  Sat Jan  4 15:27:13 1997
From: ea7kw at (Jose R. Hierro) (Jose R. Hierro)
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 1997 16:27:13 +0100 (MET)
Subject: ED9EA QSL manager
Message-ID: <199701041527.QAA16228 at>

I'm receiving cards for the ED9EA last CQWW CW & SSB operations.
I'm NOT the QSL manager, have already enough with my own QSLs.

The manager is EA7LQ, direct or buro.
73 de EA7KW/EH7KW

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