Need a FT1000mp Elmer

K7bv at K7bv at
Sun Jan 5 03:14:56 EST 1997

My XYL was kind enough to get me a FT1000mp for Christmas ( and my birthday,
our anniversary etc for the next 5 years ) and I am in trouble.  I had a heck
of a time learning how to just turn on my laptop after got it so I could use
CT on my Dxpeditions.  Now I have a rig that requires P R O G R A M I N G
!!!!  Would one of you "PATIENT" wizkids or Ol' Wise One types who own a
FT1000mp please help me get this thing set up the way any good CW contester
would want it? I will, naturally, pay for the resulting LD bills, your Tums
for having to deal with a tube oriented old fart.

Tks/73  Dennis K7BV P40Z VP2EWW  ex AA7VB KZ5M and too many others to

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