VHF Contest categories. Please HELP!

ramirezk at emi.com ramirezk at emi.com
Sun Jan 5 09:38:23 EST 1997

     Last June the Grid Pirates VHF Group created and sponsored 
a series of plaques for 2 new categories for the June VHF 
contest. The results showed that the new categories were a great 
success! These 2 categories were:1- Limited Single Operator 2-2 
Man Team Multiop.
   The limited Single OP was for single operators that had 4 
bands or less. It was intended to stir up more activity in low 
population areas where having microwave equipment was not cost 
effective, for single ops heading to mountaintops where ease of 
assembly was required,etc. Now the single ops with a single 4 
band type rig(FT736r,etc) had incentive to stay active for the 
entire contest and compete for an award. One of the positive 
results of this category was that some single ops that already 
had 6,2,and 432 had incentive to get on 222 for the 4th band. I 
know of a few instances where this was actually done.
   The 2 Man Team Multiop category was created to foster team 
competition in areas where population was limited and where it 
was difficult to find enough operators to assemble a full blown 
multiop team. This category allows the 2 bread and butter VHF 
bands, 6 and 2 meters, to be active full time throughout the 
contest thus increasing activity. There were dozens of 2 man 
teams that qualified for competing for this new award last June. 
The results of last June's contest showed that the intent was 
met! Winners of plaques were from varied parts of the U.S. and 
not just the usual NorthEast.The 2 Man Team entrant is limited 
to 2 operators which must be the same two ops for the entire 
contest and are allowed to use any and all VHF/UHF bands.
   The Grid Pirates asked for sponsors for plaques and were able 
to muster up sponsors for the top 5 places for each category.
      I have been asked by numerous VHF contesters about the 
possibility of having these same categories for the September 
and January contests. I cannot do this. Family and work 
obligations keep me from doing so. I am still having a difficult 
time collecting the promised sponsor money from 3 of the 
sponsors from June's contest.(anyone interested??) I believe 
that it is TIME to ask the CAC or ARRL or Billy Lunt,etc. about 
the possibility of adding these two categories to the 3 Major 
ARRL sponsored VHF contests. Plaques for June and certificates 
for September and January in following with the present awards 
format. They will only consider this if YOU LET THEM KNOW your 
thoughts on this matter. Please help by letting your CAC rep. 
know, either by letter,E mail, phone call, etc., that you think 
the addition of these 2 categories will GREATLY benefit the 
VHF/UHF activity in these contests and make them even more fun 
than they already are. I know it is extra work for them but 
these categories will greatly enhance the VHF contests. Thanks 
in advance for your help. 
 73 Ken N4UK 
1.8-1296 MHZ 
Cabo Rojo Contest Club-WP4NMS
Grid Pirates VHF Group
Grid Square-EM84xp
KP4XS (1994-1996)
KH2F  (1987-1994)
NP4JV (1982-1987)

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