Radio Shack Heat reduction (amps)

ramirezk at ramirezk at
Sun Jan 5 09:54:38 EST 1997

   Is there anyone on here that uses a system of ducts to 
channel heat from your amplifiers to the outside world? My 
AL-1200 produces lots of heat. (much more than is needed to heat 
the shack to a comfortable level) I know the manual says to NOT 
aid in cooling the amp. The blower in the AL-1200 does a fine 
job at keeping the amp cool. Would the addition of a duct system 
at the air outtake of the amp have any adverse effect on the 
amp's ability to keep the tube cool? I would like to run such a 
duct from the outtake to a nearby window and let the heat warm 
up the atmosphere instead of me. I am also considering another 
duct at the air intake to another window to bring in the cold 
winter air across the amp innards. This sounds like it might 
reduce the ability of the amp to bring in sufficient air but I'm 
not sure if this would be the case. Anyone doing this with their 
HF amps??? Any and all ideas will be appreciated. 
 73 Ken N4UK 
1.8-1296 MHZ 
Cabo Rojo Contest Club-WP4NMS
Grid Pirates VHF Group

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