Computer Noise Poll

tgstewart at tgstewart at
Tue Jan 14 10:42:28 EST 1997

I recently assembled a new computer from parts, using an IBM P150+ (Pentium
clone) processor and discoverd to my horror that it is generating huge
amounts of RF in the ham bands, particularly on 160 meters.  By huge I'm
talking about S9 +10 garbage on 160 in several places, with antennas a
couple hundred feet away and the computer/shack in the basement!  By
process of elimination (ie unpluging almost everything), I've narrowed it
down to the motherboard and/or processor.  My 486/66 by comparison is quiet
as a church mouse, even with the case open, and a 386DX25 is relatively
quiet as well.

So I'd like to hear from all contesters using Pentium/Pentium clone
(Cyrix/IBM)  machines and let me know if you have significant interference
or not, the make/model of your motherboard, the type of processor you are
using, and clock speed.

73, Tyler K3MM

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