Fri Jan 24 00:31:50 EST 1997

I guess I have been outside the states to long...maybe good... maybe bad....
but i think good...I have never had to compete in the pileups for a DX
station that I needed for DXCC...but have had to listen to the multitudes
while I was a DX
station...and how bad the pile ups get.... the name calling and the "police"
show up....making it only worse. Now the mess that I read about the vanity
where does it all end??? Does it get any better???
   I got all of my calls legally..I WAS on KH2 to get mine...I was in HL9 to
get it..
etc.....I did not use an address that I did not own...not like some in the
with stateside calls..that get KH2 calls ...or KH6 calls from condos and live
where.  I thought this was a hobby...competition is good...but when and where
does it become a hinderence???
  I hope things get better...and that the integrity that has made us great
will return
and make this hobby fun again...

>From trey at (Trey Garlough)  Fri Jan 24 06:33:08 1997
From: trey at (Trey Garlough) (Trey Garlough)
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 97 22:33:08 PST
Subject: Animosity about A Great Call
Message-ID: <CMM. at>

> Kinda like a few contests ago when Kh7 was pretty known as 
> Kure Island,  some jerk used a /kh7 call.  Another example
> of the same decline

Yeah!  Just like those jerks that started signing KP3 before it was
well-known as Puerto Rico.  Some nerve!  I think *no one* should have
been allowed to sign KP3 on the air until all hams had been notified
of its new meaning.  And just announcing the new meaning of the prefix
in mangazines, DX bulletins and FCC press releases simply isn't

Ham radio is doomed.

--Trey, N5KO

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