[CQ-Contest] RUFZ Ver.3.0 is now available

Takao KUMAGAI je1cka at dumpty.nal.go.jp
Fri Jul 4 22:03:57 EDT 1997

To all CW contest funs

Mat,DL4MM finally completed the RUFZ version 3.0. Past version required 
RFZSOUND to run with SoundBlaster, but v3.0 runs without any help program.

Here is the some part of the V3.0 manual.
### Manual of RUFZ - Software ### @DL4MM
### Version: 3.0  25.06.97 ###

*** What is RUFZ ? ***

"RUFZ" is the abbreviation of the German word "Rufzeichen-H排en" and is 
training-software to improve CW-abilities, particularly the listening of usual 
Amateurradio-calls. It should be used by an advanced CW-operator to perfect 
memory-copying at higher speeds. Otherwise the initial-speed can be selected 
very low, so also newcomers have a good training possibility. For learning CW 
RUFZ is not suitable. In this case you should use other CW-training-programs.

*** How does RUFZ work ? ***

At the beginning of the program you are in the Start-Menu and you have to type 
your own callsign. Parallel you may fit CW-Output to your individual 
requirements. With the function keys you can adjust volume, pitch (middle-
frequency of random generator) shape and initial speed and you can listen in a 
bit. These and some other functions will be described more detailed later.

After typing your own callsign and confirming it with <ENT> the attempt is 
starting. The computer transmits the first call with the adjusted initial 
speed, which has been randomly-selected from a database with more than 35000 
real existing calls. This call you have to type correctly into the keyboard. 
While typing you have some editing possibilities for the command line. After 
confirming input with <ENT> the computer transmits the next random call. (Only 
after <ENT>) If the last call was correct the speed increases else decreases. 
The computer adapts automatically to participants individual skill. In this 
way, always listening on individual limit, an outstanding training-effect will 
be reached. Compared to other programs RUFZ is very stressing, but only with 
stress training really helps !

To have some fun there is scoring. Depending on difficulty the computer gives 
a maximum number of points for each listened call. There is a quadratic 
influence of speed and a linear influence of the length of the call for the 
maximum points. This maximum points the participant could have in case his 
call was correct. But for each error the points are reduced drastic. (One 
error to 1/4, 2 errors to 1/9, 3 errors to 1/16). Additional there is a
(logarithmic) deduction for the time needed to type. But do not be hectic,
this deduction is not essential. 


   ftp://jzap.com/pub/je1cka/rufz/ (soon QRX)
2) EMAIL info-server
   mailto:info-contest at dumpty.nal.go.jp
   with the command in the body:   
    #get rufz30.uu
   if you get the reply, you uudecode the body then rufz30.exe will be 
   generated. Run "rufz30" on DOS-prompt, All RUFZ-files will be extracted.
3) free disc from DL4MM (cover handling/mailing costs only) / ask for info

Where RUFZ-Toplist is published  
1) every monday in PR-BBS at @CONTEST
2) On request by EMAIL: mail to : info-contest at dumpty.nal.go.jp
   with the command in the body : #get rufztop.list
3) On web: 
	Tack Kumagai JE1CKA/KH0AM
	TEL:81-30-066-6408, FAX:81-423-93-4449
	Internet: je1cka at nal.go.jp

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