[CQ-Contest] Canada Day Scores Summary

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Fri Jul 4 02:58:44 EDT 1997

RAC Canada Day Contest 1997
Claimed scores only - Official results in November TCA
Call              Cat        QSOs         Mul          Score
VY2SS               A        1180          66        525,000
VY1RAC              A        1096          78        472,368
(op N6NT at VY1JA)
VE5MX               A         457          50        167,600
VY2LI               A         400
XN0CC               A         400
VA3JFF              L         120          48         56,736
VE2AEJ/3            L         132          42         51,996
VE6NAO              Q         212          52        100,880     *
VE3HX              28          25           4            488
VE7NTT             14        1524          24        194,900     *
VE7AV              14         759          23        131,928     *
VE7SV              14         700          21
(op VE7VFM)
VA3GW               7         411          20         50,360
VE6JY               M        2827         106      1,593,816
VE6RAC              M         372          30        107,820
(at VE6ARC)

A  =Single Op All Bands High Power
L  =Single Op All Bands Low Power
Q  =Single Op All Bands QRP
28 =Single Op Single Band (MHz)
M  =Multi-op
*= Scores exceeding current records

These are the claimed scores I have heard in the two days
following the 1 July Canada Day Contest.  If you know of any
other scores, please let me know.  I write a column on contesting
in The Canadian Amateur (TCA), the journal of the Radio Amateurs
of Canada (RAC), and I would like to report as many claimed or
rumoured scores as possible in the September issue of the

Official results of the RAC Canada Day Contest will be published
in the November issue of TCA, and I will send copies of the
results to all entrants.

PLEASE NOTE: The address for entries published in QST magazine is
wrong.  Please send your entry to: 

RAC Canada Day Contest
720 Belfast Rd #217
Ottawa ON  K1G 0Z5  CANADA.

Please do not send logs by e-mail.

If you have any questions about the contest rules or how to score
your log, please contact me.  I am the contest manager.


Dave Goodwin VE2ZP/VE9CB
RAC HF Contest Manager
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Telephone: + 1-819-684-1432 or
           + 1-613-231-0216

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