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K7BG Matt Trott aa7bg at 3rivers.net
Tue Jul 8 14:20:05 EDT 1997

I was reading an old NCJ yesterday with an article by W9IOP that was
originally published in 1960. The article was titled, "How to beat the
winners" and was full of useful tips for operating SS. As I understand it,
W9IOP and W4KFC were the kingpins of SS in those days and into the early 70's.

I began to ponder the psyche of these operators and I, with some amazement,
realized that (at least as far as said article goes) there was no mention of
"two radio" operating. I'm quite sure that they both had at least two radios
(stations) so that wasn't the limiting factor. Of course, computers were
essentially non-existent, but I don't really think that would be a limiting
factor cuz some of us that dabble with 2 radios today aren't interfaced and
it definitely would have been a competitive advantage then as now.

With memory keyers/tapes and such they coulda CQ'd with one radio while
searching for new meat on a different band. 

So what was it, why wasn't this operating technique used before computers by
the top ops? (maybe it was, but if it wasn't was it because):

(1) Never thought of it?

(2) Competition didn't require it (could win w/o it)?

(3) Bordered on "ethics violation" (spirit of the contest?)?

(4) Too hard to check for all those dupes on paper ( I doubt it, the rate
got REALLY         slow late in the test even for those guys)?

(5) Style of operating was more S&P than running? 

(6) It was just too gooda secret to share with the general populace? (no way)

What say? Was there any discusion of this phenomenon (2 radioing) in the
good old days?

73, Matt--K7BG

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