[CQ-Contest] 160/80 mtr activity during IARU?

Jim George, N3BB N3BB at easy.com
Tue Jul 8 23:40:22 EDT 1997

The contest opens here (Texas) at a good time for deep Asia and West Coast
on 40, 80 and 160.  A good time for key mults  on the LF bands in those
areas.  Any suggestions wrt freq?  We will be active from N3BB as M/S.

Good luck to all,
Jim N3BB

>Hi Everyone,
>I would be interested in hearing opinions regarding 160/80mtr activity
>at the beginning of the IARU? I will be helping out at VE7RAC (the
>canadian headquarters station) trying to pass out as many multipliers
>as possible. Naturally our major efforts will be 40/20, and the
>majority of Lowband activity will be Saturday night, but there may
>be possible openings to the west coast, south pacific, and even to
>JA on 80 during the first hour. Any thoughts?
>cheers, Paul
>email: paul1 at wizard.ucs.sfu.ca
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