[CQ-Contest] Two radios on SS fone...

Jim Pratt n6ig at netcom.com
Wed Jul 9 15:35:53 EDT 1997

I read Tree, N7TR's...oops, I mean RICH, N7TR's <g> comments on two 
radios in SS phone with interest.  I too have never used two radios in 
Phone SS, and I won it one year not too long ago.  But I would never 
consider NOT having two radios in CW SS...and I have yet to win that!  
(Gee, maybe that is telling me something?)  I think that, from the West 
Coast, two radios in Phone SS is not necessary, given the rate available, 
but that may not be true from other parts of the US.  I am interested 
to see how many top-ten Phone SS ops use two radios and feel it is to 
their advantage?

Jim  N6IG

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