[CQ-Contest] Ideal transceiver

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Fri Jul 11 09:56:46 EDT 1997

Wish list (some of which is already available on some rigs):

1. multiple antenna ports
2. input, properly switched and with a built-in preamp with selectable levels of 
preamplification (or front-panel control for remote-mounted preamp), for a separate 
receiving antenna
3. RS-232 ready (no CI-V, IF232, IF10, etc)
4. built-in keyer with ports for both paddles and straight key (read: computer)
5. IF crystal filtering out the wazoo (a la 1000D)
6. audio DSP
7. remote control panel with main tuning, AF and RF gain, mic gain, key speed and DSP 
controls and sized to fit next to and match angle of the keyboard
8. a display that, in addition to VFO-a and VFO-b, indicates the last frequency on which 
a transmission was made
9. Quick memory (a la TS-850, 950, 570, etc)
10. Non-proprietary connectorization (ie. no hard-to-find-except-from-the-manufacturer 
DIN plugs, no requirements for outboard break-out boxes (like that goofy DIN connector on 
which Kenwood places ALC, PTT, Amp keying, etc.) and standardized mic pin-outs.)
11. Band-check button (like kenwood's TF set, this would be a momentary switch which 
allows the operator to quickly listen to the band of his choice, to check on openings, 
without altering auto antenna tuner settings (it could bypass the tuner) or sending band 
change info to the computer. Operator could use main tuning to scan band without changing 
frequency on previous band (important if this check is done while running). If needed, it 
could select a different antenna port. If the band was open, a quick release and press 
would change all functions to this band and so inform the computer. Otherwise, releasing 
button returns all functions to the previous band).
12. Insta-split. This key would allow the operator to instantly set split frequencies 
(ie. You hear a station on 7063 listening on 7234, press Insta-split, then key in 7234. 
On PTT, TX will be on 7234. At end of QSO, press insta-split again to return to non-split 

That's about all I can think of

73 all
ve4xt at mts.net

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