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bob cox k3est at netcom.com
Fri Jul 11 19:50:35 EDT 1997

The conversation about legends is FB.
     I was lucky at the beginning of my contesting career to see
Vic, W4KFC on a regular basis at PVRC meetings. His operating savvy
was of the highest rank. But aside from his obvious skills as an
operator (We all tried to beat him), the feature about Vic that
completely blew me away and still has an effect on me today, was
his log. Not only was Vic logging at a high rate with a pencil, his
log was IMMACULATE. Nothing appeared to be crossed out. He must
have waited to have the complete call before entering the call in
his log. EACH letter in W4KFC's hand written log was perfect. As if
an "A" student in mechanical drawing class had made them. 
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He was an artist on every level.

Bob, K3EST

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