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Fred Hopengarten k1vr at juno.com
Sun Jul 13 01:00:23 EDT 1997

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On Fri, 11 Jul 1997 21:51:13 -0500 w5hvv at aeneas.net (Roderick M.
Fitz-Randolph) writes:

>The finest CW op I've ever seen is Mike Gibson, KH6ND.  Mike sets up
>two paddles: one for the right hand and one for the left.  He calls
>"CQ Test" with his right hand and if he gets an answer, he answers the
>calling station with his left hand WHILE HE WRITES THE PERTINENT INFO
>IN THE LOG WITH HIS RIGHT HAND... simultaneously!!!  There may be 
>that can do that but Mike's the only one that I've seen do that 
>the slightest hesitation as he runs them.

K1VR adds:  K1GQ (ex-K2SIL, ex-W8SH op., ex-KH6RS principal op) can write
with his left hand and send with his right. If you haven't heard him
using his call lately, he's been the 40 meter CW op at K1AR multi-multi
and multi-single efforts. It is a fascinating experience to watch when
K1GQ and K1AR work 40 together (side-by-side), in multi-single.  The
rates are enormous.

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