[CQ-Contest] IARU Member Society Stations in 1997 IARU Test

Fred Laun K3ZO aalaun at ibm.net
Sun Jul 13 19:23:36 EDT 1997

As in years past, here is a beginning for an operating aid for those who
took part in the IARU HF Championship this year.  As I was CW-only, there
may well be many other IARU Member Society stations which were on, but in
order to get the ball rolling, here are the ones I worked:

Country             IARU Member Society          Call Sign         

Australia                  WIA                      VK1WI
Austria                    OVSV                     OE1XHQ
Belgium                    UBA                      ON4UBA
Bulgaria                   BFRA                     LZ0HST
Brazil                     LABRE                    PT2AA
Canada                     RAC                      VE7RAC
Croatia                    HRS                      9A0HQ
Czech Republic             CRC                      OL7HQ
Faroe Islands              FRA                      OY6A
Finland                    SRAL                     OH3C
Germany                    DARC                     DA0HQ
IARU                       IARU                     NU1AW
Mexico                     FMRE                     XE1LM
Moldova                    ARM                      ER7A
Netherlands                VERON                    PA6HQ
New Zealand                NZART                    ZL6A
Poland                     PZK                      SP3PZK
Romania                    FRR                      YP0A
Russia                     SRR                      R3HQ/6
Slovak Republic            SARA                     OM7HQ
Slovenia                   ZRS                      S50HQ
Sweden                     SSA                      SK0HQ
Ukraine                    UARL                     EM5HQ
USA                        ARRL                     W1AW/7
Venezuela                  RCV                      YV30T
Yugoslavia                 SRJ                      YU0HQ

73, Fred

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