[CQ-Contest] IARU comments

Dan Robbins kl7y at Alaska.NET
Mon Jul 14 20:33:02 EDT 1997

Bill Fisher wrote:

>Only complaint is the number of HQ stations that are now QRV.  At what point
>do we decide that it is ridiculous?  10 years ago there were a few HQ
>stations.  In my estimation, there should be a fixed number of HQ stations
>and they should be distributed equally around the globe.  Not 30 in Europe.
>Why can't there be 10 HQ stations and they are allocated every year to
>different countries/locations?
>Just a thought.  If I were in W6, I would be a little concerned about this
>change of equal distrubtion of multipliers to a concentration of mults in
>Europe like the rest of the DX contests.  Works in my favor though.

I brought this up before they changed the rules.  Since I can't work Europe
on any band except 20 and possibly 15 during this contest, I am at a decided
disadvantage compared to someone who can work EU on 3 or more bands.  A
little disadvantage is a challenge, but I agree with Bill this is becoming a
bit much.

                                Dan KL7Y

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