[CQ-Contest] IARU and a level playing field

Bill Fisher, W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Mon Jul 14 22:15:30 EDT 1997

>I didn't know any contest was created to provide a level playing field for
>all participants.  Rather I thought the idea is to maximize activity.

I've never heard either stated.  But obviously a level playing field was
never a concern.  That's why when a contest comes along that does have rules
in place where a W6 might actually feel like he is competing with a W1, it's
a good thing for participation.  If you could make propagation equal for
everyone in the US, there would be so much participation you couldn't find a
spot to CQ.  

>The idea of "limiting" activity in any contest is a non-starter as far as I
am concerned.  

If I said "limit activity", I meant to say "EVEN DISTRIBUTION".  Next year
let's have 20 stateside HQ stations.  Let's have 20 JA HQ's.  Let's have 20
SA HQ's.  In Africa, if you operate... you are automatically an HQ by
default.  :)  My problem is with multiplier distribution in a contest that
WAS even.  

>Rather than implicitly criticize the Europeans for the great turnout of IARU
>Member Society  stations in their region, 

Fred, nobody was criticizing the Europeans.  This was only implied on me, by
you.  Please dont put words in my mouth and I will return the favor.  If I
criticized anyone, it was the organizers for letting the HQ station thing
run a muck. 



Bill Fisher, W4AN (EX KM9P)

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