[CQ-Contest] Some Contest-Rule Topics

John Brosnahan broz at csn.net
Thu Jul 17 12:28:04 EDT 1997

(Sorry about the formatting on my original post to the
reflector on this subject--I guess the reflector adds its
own formatting if the lines are too long.  Made it a little
less presentable but the ideas were there.  Here is
another comment with what is hoped will be better


>1) Should QRP and/or low-power category entrants call 
>stations using high-power, and ask them to listen for 
>their QRP/low-power signal?

Let me restate my position with an analogy.  Archers 
find true sport in hunting with a bow and arrow.  Granted, 
it is a lot more difficult than hunting with a rifle--just not 
the same range.  Quite analogous with the lack of "range" 
while running QRP.  So to make it "easier" let's allow 
bow and arrow hunters to shoot a deer with their 30-30 
and then walk up to the dead animal and shoot it again with 
a bow and arrow.  Maybe it IS easier but where has the 
challenge, the sport, the fun gone?

>3) Should single-band category entrants move contacts 
>and/or multipliersto their band from other bands?

I think a good case can also be made for a similar 
analogy for moving stations from other bands for a 
station that has decided to be a "SINGLE-BAND" 
entry.  A certain season, under the rules, is set aside 
for deer hunting.  But since I didn't get my deer (multiplier) 
during the regular season (band) that is allowed, I think 
I will go and hunt at some other time of the year (on another 
band) just because I didn't get what I wanted.  Not really
very fair to those who choose to play by the rules.

John W0UN

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