[CQ-Contest] South Pacific 160m Contest Saturday July 19.

Martin Ellis jmellis at ihug.co.nz
Sat Jul 19 12:08:11 EDT 1997

Hello to the contest group,

The 1997 South Pacific 160m Contest will be held on
Saturday July 19, from 0500 UTC to 2359 UTC.

Last year there was a reasonable number of VK and ZL stations
operating, but due to band conditions and station capability,
only one North American station was worked by the South Pacific.

It would be appreciated if North American and DX stations could
look for VK and ZL during this contest period.

Stations can enter Phone, or CW or both using separate log
summary sheets.  One station can be worked once on each mode.

Best times would appear to be between the South Pacific
sunset, and the North American local sunrise.
Sunset in ZL is 0525 UTC with sunset in VK commencing around two
hours later. 
Sunrise W1 around 0931 UTC, W4 1037 UTC, W7 1107 UTC, W6 1302 UTC.

Hope a few keen operators can make it!

Martin ZL1ANJ

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Summary of Rules

The 1997 South Pacific 160m Contest will be held on
Saturday July 19, from 0500 UTC to 2359 UTC.

The objective is for VK, ZL and P2 stations to work as many
local and overseas stations as possible on 160m.

DX stations are encouraged to participate, but can only work 
VK, ZL and P2.

Sections:  Phone, CW and SWL (all single operator).
Power:	according to your license.

Exchange: RS(T) plus serial number commencing 001.

Points:	Stations should claim 2 points per QSO in their own call area,
plus 5 points per QSO for all other call areas.

Multipliers:  The multiplier is the number of VK and ZL call areas
worked plus the number of DXCC countries worked.

Final Score: Equals the total QSO points times multipliers.

Logs: For 1997 send log, summary sheet, details of your station, and 
comments to:

	John Litten ZL1AS
	Onemana Post
	New Zealand


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