[CQ-Contest] Re: Time Limits

Jimmy R. Floyd floydjr at interpath.com
Mon Jul 21 10:26:18 EDT 1997

I agree with no time limits. I hate time off in a contest. Time off
brings luck into the contest more. You could be lucky and take
a time off that is bad or unlucky and take a time off that is good.
I know you can study and understand propagation all you want
but you still cannot predict when a band is going to open. 

The worse contest with off times to me is the WPX. A 48 hour
contest and you can only work 30 hours. You take almost an
entire day off. A lot can happen in 18 hours.  I also do not 
understand the 2 hour off thing with NAQP. I promise you that
the multi stations sure do not have a lot to work after 12 midnight.
What does taking two hours off accomplish?

These are just my opinions and I know that the majority wants
off times but like Dave I can only express the way I feel. 

BTW Wonder how many missed the 15 meter opening in NAQP 
at about 2300. Ron was S9 here and 8's were also. I guess most
people were taking their two hours off.

73 Jim

At 08:37 AM 7/21/97 EDT, Dave Lemm wrote:
>Can anyone tell me why the Single OP has time limits in a contest.
>If a contest runs for 48 hours then everyone should be allowed to use
>that time.  Not just 30 or 36 hours.
>I do not understand the reasoning behind this.
>I am glad to see the CQWW RTTY Contest has NO time limitations
>I think it is time for a change.
>What do you other Single Ops think??
>73 de Dave N2DL

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