[CQ-Contest] contesting in the 21st century

David Robbins k1ttt at berkshire.net
Mon Jul 21 23:00:06 EDT 1997

Glenn D. O'Donnell wrote:

> two fundamental concepts in contesting that should NEVER be changed:
>     1. All QSOs are completely carried via the RF bands in the
> contest, not
>        Internet, PacketCluster or any other out-of-band system.
>        This is, after all, amateur RADIO.

packetcluster is in band.  but then again, its not a 'mode', its an
application that you can reach via rf or land-line or internet.  how
about tcp/ip rf to wired links?  you can actually use the same tcp/ip
protocol over rf and not even know that you have made a transistion
from rf to wire and back to come out somewhere else.

and there is only 1 'contest' that i know of that permits contacts
to be made using digital repeater systems.(which include many more
methods than packetcluster)  and i feel that the specific exemption
that permits this should be changed.

>     2. The deciphering of the incoming QSO information should ONLY be
>        performed by the gray matter between the ears of the operator.

kind of tough even at 60wpm rtty.  i can pretty much recognize the
sound of 'ryryryry' but thats about it.

> If it's any consolation to Cornelius and others, my station is still
> fairly
> low-tech.  Please work me in any contest.  I guarantee I will live by
> the
> two rules I outlined above.

too bad, guess we'll never see you in rtty contests then.

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