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Scott Robbins srobbins at usit.net
Tue Jul 22 09:56:47 EDT 1997

At 08:37 AM 7/21/97 EDT, you wrote:
>Can anyone tell me why the Single OP has time limits in a contest.
>If a contest runs for 48 hours then everyone should be allowed to use
>that time.  Not just 30 or 36 hours.
>I do not understand the reasoning behind this.
>I am glad to see the CQWW RTTY Contest has NO time limitations
>I think it is time for a change.
>What do you other Single Ops think??
>73 de Dave N2DL

I think:  If you're worrying about available operating time for a
given contest, you're not thinking "win".  If the rules say 48,
then 48.  If the rules say 36 of 48, fine.  10 of 12?  Fine.
I see it as being insignificant in the big picture. . . 

The key is maximize the available time alloted.  Hence the rise
of the two-radio single op contester.  You can use the off time to
your advantage by planning in advance when you're most likely to
want to be off the air, and being able to adjust that schedule on
the fly if necessary.  An important part of pre-contest planning, 
whether it's a 48 hour event or not, is figuring out when/if you'll
need a break.  I *know* I need three hours of sleep Saturday night or
I won't make it through Sunday.  A deficiency, yes, but a reality
nonetheless.  There is a far different strategy involved for planning 
a Saturday night sleep break in Sweepstakes than there is for a single 
band 20 meter CQ WW entry.  

Read the time limit rules, go back through your log files, and ask 
other contesters what they do for optimizing off times and then PLAN.  

Think "win".

--Scott Robbins, W4PA 

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