[CQ-Contest] Summary - Ideal Transceiver Discussion

Lee Buller k0wa at southwind.net
Fri Jul 25 17:04:50 EDT 1997

Several weeks ago, I posted a message to discuss what would be included in
the ideal transceiver.  I proposed the following features that should be
incorporated into the Ideal Transceiver.  I've tried to give credit due to
those who have contributed.  Ideas that are not all that unique are without
contribution.  Comments are always welcome.  

Lee Buller
k0wa at southwind.net

General Features:

Two antenna inputs - Separate antenna inputs; beverage or second input with
auto switching or simultaneous dual receive - K7FR

Properly switched separate receive antenna (disconnect it when in transmit !

ROM upgrades when good features can be added into a rig - and make it so the
ROM can be mailed out and installed by the user - W5AJ (Note:  Why not Flash
ROM where features can be downloaded off the Internet and installed via CPU
port connect? - K0WA)

A HEAVY DUTY, QUIET, QSK hookup to key amplifier. (No switched/noisy relays)
- W5AJ

ALL HF rigs to have same mic connection on front - Is this a ARRL or some
ANSI problem for not setting a standard?  (Ditto Packet, RTTY, Amplifier,
VFO, Converter, DVP, DSP, etc. Hookups) - W5AJ

Reduced weight and size for travel.  Always offer 120VAC and 12 (or ?)VDC
BOTH as standard items - W5AJ (Note:  Nice, but I like a big box too.  Maybe
we need two ideal transceivers, home and away - K0WA)

Auto shutdown when overheated - W5AJ (Note:  Build it not to overheat - K0WA)

QSK in all modes - K7FR

PC keyboard interface - with large LCD (color) screen built in that is
readable in any light and from any angle - K3PP - K0WA

Robust Windows software to control the ideal transceiver - K0WA

RS232 Interface for control and monitoring - W5AJ, K0WA

SCSI computer interface (faster data rate) - K7FR

Computer control available for EVERYTHING with Ethernet TCP/IP access in
addition to the serial port - K1TTT  (Note:  Please publish the IP number so
I can dial in and use your big antenna arrays - you guys listening out
there?  KC1XX?  K3LPL? )

An option for full voice controlled remote operation (not just VOX). Imagine
the control head of the rig integrated with a cordless Heil headset.  You
control the rig using programmable voice commands. You can move about the
house and continue the contest. You can even run to the john without missing
a QSO!  Some of THOSE QSOs may sound a bit funny!  QSOs will be logged
automatically while you are away  from the operating position.  Think of the
possibilities with such remote control!  Now, if we can only figure out how
to continue to contest while sleeping.  In keeping with the Ethernet vision,
this control "head" can use wireless Ethernet to communicate with the main
transceiver and computer.  This way we maintain a standard for all
communications, rather than yet another interface for the "head"set. - K3PP

AC or DC power supply with built in UPS - K7FR

Programming Language that is easy to learn and use

Peak display of power, alc, swr, compression, s-meter (Some still want
mechanical meters - K3PP)

Dual receivers with programmable scan  - K7FR

Removable face plate and removable VFO dials (using fiber optics you could
put the radio out at the tower! I'm experimenting with this on my 850)  - K7FR

A built in 2 to 5 watt 2 mtr. or 440mhz  radio with 9600 baud modem for
linking with CT/TR/NA or to 
your local cluster....  (no bells just functional) - W5AJ

A display that, in addition to VFO-a and VFO-b, indicates the last frequency
on which a transmission was made - VE4XT

Quick memory (a la TS-850, 950, 570, etc) - VE4XT

Non-proprietary connectorization (ie. no
hard-to-find-except-from-the-manufacturer DIN plugs, no requirements for
outboard break-out boxes (like that goofy DIN connector on which Kenwood
places ALC, PTT, Amp keying, etc.) and standardized mic pin-outs.) - VE4XT

Band-check button like Kenwood's TF set.  This would be a momentary switch
allows the operator to quickly listen to the band of his choice, to check on
openings, without altering auto antenna tuner settings (it could bypass the
tuner) or sending band change info to the computer. Operator could use main
tuning to scan band without changing frequency on previous band (important
if this check is done while running). If needed, it could select a different
antenna port. If the band was open, a quick release and press would change
all functions to this band and so inform the computer. Otherwise, releasing
button returns all functions to the previous band. - VE4XT

Insta-split. This key would allow the operator to instantly set split
frequencies (ie. You hear a station on 7063 listening on 7234, press
Insta-split, then key in 7234. On PTT, TX will be on 7234. At end of QSO,
press insta-split again to return to non-split mode). - VE4XT


200 watts output (drive that linear) - K0WA

Variable power output; 0 to 500W - K7FR

RF Speech processing - (I sure like Kenwood's RF speech processor) - K0WA

Memory Keyer - Built in memory keyers; voice, cw  - K7FR

Dot/dash memory ON/OFF or Curtis Type A/B selection on the keyers!!!! - W5AJ

Two inputs for paddles/keys


Low power output for transverters (more than one switchable) - K0WA

XIT with clear button

Smooth and linear power output control

No transmit overshoot

Automatic and manual Antenna tuner (Pi-L type with memories for CW and SSB
portion of the bands)


Crystal/Mechanical filters

triple conversion

Filters in all IF stages

RIT with clear button

Bandpass tuning 

Effective notch filter - Audio DSP (with operator controls)

Input for transverters (more than one switchable)

Great dynamic range, selectivity, sensitivity

Sub-receiver or secondary receiver

Selectable DSP/analog front end - K7FR

Selectable filtering; infinite width from 10 to 2400 hz both DSP and

A DSP function to auto null out carriers.  I don't care much for the other
DSP functions - W5AJ


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